Q: Are all hernias painful?

A: Not necessarily. Some hernias have been found during routine physicals and have not given the patient any pain. More often, however, hernias are easy to identify and give the patient a dull ache with weakness, pressure, or tingling at the site.

Q: How much experience do you have with hernia surgery?

A: Dr. Dunning repairs hundreds of hernias through Ogden Clinic each year.

Q: Can my hernia repair itself without surgery?

A: No. An operation is the only way repair the bulge and fix a hernia. If you do not repair your hernia, you run the risk of increasing its size. Unrepaired hernias can also strangle your intestine, requiring an immediate operation.

Q: What are the risks of surgery?

A: Complications after hernia repair are rare. Small-but-possible complications include bleeding, infection, continued pain at the site, or hernia reoccurrence. If you experience either of these after hernia treatment in Ogden, make an appointment with Dr. Dunning.

Q: What type of surgery is right for me?

A: There are several techniques for each type of hernia and every patient is unique. The best surgery will vary depending on the size, location, and type of hernia. Schedule an appointment with our Ogden hernia treatment clinic for us to evaluate your hernia and we can explain which treatment is best for your particular case.

Q: Why are inguinal hernias more common in men?

A: The area where inguinal hernias occur is the opening through which the testicles descend during fetal development. If this opening does not close up properly after birth, it can cause a natural weakness where a hernia may develop later on.

Q: Can I prevent hernias?

A: Since hernias result from weakened tissue, it’s difficult to do anything to prevent them. You can minimize your risk by trying not to place excess stress on your abdomen or groin. Use good form when lifting heavy objects and avoid straining while using the bathroom. Losing excess weight and quitting smoking will also improve your overall condition.

Q: Is hernia repair covered by insurance?

A: Hernia repair is sometimes considered an elective surgery, although even one that does not cause pain has the potential of becoming an emergency. Since adult hernias do not repair on their own, most health insurance plans cover hernia treatment even when it is “elective.” Ogden Clinic accepts nearly all insurance plans including SelectHealth, Altius, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more.