Source: American College of Surgeons.

Source: American College of Surgeons.

An umbilical hernia occurs when a section of the intestine is pushed through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles near the belly button. This results in a bulge (or pouch) in the inner lining of the belly. Umbilical hernias occur frequently in children, but when they develop in adults, they require action. 

Umbilical Hernias in Adults VS Children

Umbilical hernias are common in babies and, fortunately, they usually resolve on their own. A hernia at birth pushes the belly button out and can be seen prominently when a baby laughs, cries, or strains while using the bathroom. Most of the time, the hernia will shrink and close up by the time the child reaches 3 or 4 years old. If your child’s hernia has not closed by age 4, make an appointment with Dr. Dunning for a closer look.

In adults, umbilical hernias occur when too much pressure is put of a weakened area of the stomach. There are several factors that increase the likelihood of developing an umbilical hernia including:


o   Frequent pregnancy or giving birth to twins/triplets

o   Being overweight or obese

o   Fluid in the abdominal cavity

o   Having stomach surgery in the past

o   Connective tissue disorders

o   Chronic straining

o   Active lifestyle/excessive lifting


Adults can see or feel an umbilical hernia near their belly button with pain and discomfort around the area. Unlike hernias in babies, it’s important to have an adult umbilical hernia evaluated right away. Make an appointment with Dr. Dunning if you suspect you have an umbilical hernia. Early diagnosis and umbilical hernia treatment in Ogden can prevent it from growing and reduce the risk of other complications.

How are umbilical hernias repaired?

If you think you have an umbilical hernia, make an appointment with Dr. Dunning for a closer look. The only way to repair a hernia is through surgery. Dr. Dunning uses leading-edge umbilical hernia treatment methods in Ogden that give his patients a quicker surgery, better recovery, and less cosmetic scarring. Surgical repair will relieve your pain and also remove the bulge.

Dr. Dunning has repaired hundreds of umbilical hernias with excellent success. The size of the hernia, location, and whether it is a reoccurring hernia will determine the surgical method Dr. Dunning uses. Learn more about Ogden umbilical hernia treatment and laparoscopic surgery here.